Easter bunny does Holland Track

The planned Easter trip to Cape Le Grand and Cape Arid was deferred due to inclement weather forecasts.  We wanted to give Pig Pen a bit of a shakeout with all the gear on board, so the SpareWheel and I set off from Perth on Friday to tackle the Holland Track instead.

This 300 kms piece of dirt runs from Hyden to Coolgardie and was originally established in 1883 to enable prospector to travel faster from Albany port to the goldfields.   The track today was re-established in 1992 as a fun thing for 4wd to take on.  This is granite country so expect lots of ‘interesting’ rocks and waterholes.

Either art in Hyden or failed 4wd attempt

We had a leisurely start, with stop off in Brookton to change a flat tyre, and in Hyden to load up on chocolate and the local art.

The 4wd track starts about 50km east of Hyden, which we hit late afternoon, so camped about 20 kms down the track, enjoying an Easter full moon over the dusty outback.  Boy was it cold!  Especially during the hot shower in the chilly morning breeze.

On Saturday we travelled further up the track, running into another Ultimate on the way.  Pig Pen handled the track well, and there was only one occasion when it was a hindrance – I misjudged the height of an overhead tree beam, and got Pig Pen stuck – after pushing him back, we unhitched,  drove around the tree, and hitched up on the other side.

Holland Track – somewhat wetter .. did I say right a bit???

Saturday night was again a solitary evening under clear skies.

On Sunday we headed further north east along the Holland track – we had done the trip before in November 2007 and found the track this time somewhat wetter and a bit more challenging, but nothing to break the vehicle.  Instead of heading to Victoria Rock, we left the track to head east to Caves Hill which has caves (surprise), nice walks and three dams for a refreshing plunge.  From there we went to Burrup Rock for lunch with flies and bogans, onto Coolgardie to refuel then overnighted in the camping area at Boorabbin National Park 86 kms out of Coolgardie – a delightful find.  Uncrowded, clean park, lots of camp fire pits and picnic tables, and a clean dam to swim in.

SpareWheel selects fine music – note fine footwear

Home again Monday – score – 1400 kms, 400 dirt kms, 3 nights free camping, 2 lost shackles, a couple of chips and scratches on Pig Pen and having proven that most of the ‘stuff’ (SpareWheel calls it something else) bought for Pig Pen is useful.


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  1. Wow! You guys get out and about. Looks like fun.

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